Selling on eBay

or Fundraising for the Nervous!

I’ve always aspired to be a fundraiser, but had had a bit of a problem – I just hate asking people for money.  I’m first in the queue when somebody is waiving a sponsor form about – never mind what cause – and am always happy to give donations, but when it comes to being more proactive I have failed miserably.

Until I discovered the wonderful world of E-Bay.

A few years ago on the Cavalier Talk forum we were asked if everybody could try to sell just one item on E-Bay in aid of Rupert’s fund.  I scanned the house …….mmmm…… exercise DVDs that just sit on the shelf… they would do.  Not as if I ever used them, despite the New Year’s resolution that made me buy them in the first place.

First, create an account on E-Bay – easy peas – anybody can do this; they make it so simple for you.  Then find a picture of the DVD’s to go on the E-Bay page.  Techie husband suggested I either scan the front of each DVD, or look for existing picture on the net and copy them to use.  All so easy, why had I never done this before?

Deciding on how much to sell them for was tricky, but a bit of internet searching gave me a starting figure and it was done.   Now I waited impatiently to see if they sold. Quite disappointed by the end of the week as I had not a single bid; but then, just before the closing time, there was a sudden burst of activity and every DVD sold for more than I had hoped.  I now understand that the cunning E-Bay buyer doesn’t put all their cards on the table straight away, but waits until the last moment to try and swoop in to get things cheap.  But if you are lucky, there will be more than one person with an eagle eye on your stuff who will be bidding against them.

Elated with this easy, non stressful fund raising I started to look around the house to see what else was lying around that I didn’t use or need.  It’s surprising just how much one can find when you put your mind to it.  So, time to finally get the hang of the digital camera that I rarely used for items that couldn’t be scanned.

And the funds kept rolling in – not a lot at any one time, but a little bit here and there.  Eventually I ran out of my own things to sell but found that by asking friends and family items kept trickling in.  And for an added bonus, how tidy is my house now!  No longer useless items hanging taking up space, they just go on E-Bay (my husband says he had to keep useful all the time now or……)

So, if you want to have a nice clear house and raise some money, why not try some E-Bay selling?  A very easy way to help the Club raise funds for Cavalier welfare and research.

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