Cavaliers are such wonderful dogs they deserve a future free from pain.

There are schemes to help raise funding and to provide information for the different research projects into the health problems in Cavaliers. These include:-

Cavalier Matters is a registered charity that supports various research, rescue and reform efforts. There is an easy to read and humorous website,, and an internet shop that sells a wonderful variety of appealing Cavalier articles:

Cavalier Matters Charity Stall

Cavalier Matters Charity Stall

There is a Cavalier Matters stall that sells some of the unique items at various venues throughout the year.

For the last six years the stall has been fundraising at Crufts.  Tania and her team had yet another successful year in 2018.




Rupert’s Fund is named in honour of a sweet cavalier who suffered from syringomyelia (SM ) from early on in his life. It raises money to MRI scan Cavaliers over six years old for research into this painful neurological disease



Cavalier volunteered for Cavalier Collection Scheme

Matthew helped the research when he died.

The Cavalier Tissue  Collection Scheme raises money to help owners volunteer their pets for post-mortem when they die. The cell tissue samples obtained are invaluable to researchers studying heart disease, pancreatic disease and syringomyelia in cavaliers. After the post-mortem the  dogs are individually cremated and their ashes returned to their owners:


The Cavalier KCS Foetal Tissue Project is an important project looking at the abnormal development of skulls and brain in cavaliers: Contact Dr Imelda McGonnell, Room T16, Hobday Building, Dept. Veterinary Basic Sciences, Royal Veterinary College, Royal College Street, London NW1 0TU.

There are many other owners working to help cavaliers. We have featured the special talents of Club Members Christine and Jan in the boxes on the right hand side of this page.

Dog Hampers

Home Made Dog Treats

Committee member Karen is another hard working fund raiser through her Ruby and Charlie Fund.

For details of Karen’s Made to Order Hampers of Dog Treats email: