My name is Catherine Hevey and I have owned been owned by a Cavalier for seven years. I fell in love with the breed a long time ago when I was just 12. I was introduced to a Blenheim Cavalier called Rosie and she stole my heart with her kind and loving nature. I decided then that one day I would have my own Cavalier.

It was many years later that I decided my situation was now fit to own a Cavalier, I did what I thought was detailed research and looked for a Kennel Club breeder to get my puppy. Only at a later date did I realise the breeder did not carry out all the recommended health checks, only the mandatory ones which unfortunately does not capture the signs of Syringomyelia (SM for short). SM is a very painful and unfortunately an all too common condition in the Cavalier breed. Tyler was diagnosed with SM before his second birthday. It was around this time I found the Companion Cavalier club. The website was so informative and the Facebook members were so helpful when you were looking for advice which came from people that had been there before you. The club has been a fantastic help to me and I am delighted now I can give something back.

Two and a half years after getting Tyler I was fortunate enough to add to my family with Tyler’s litter mate, another Blenheim called Charlie. Charlie has recently been diagnosed with CM (Chiari-Like Malformation). I love all animals, Cats, dogs, horses, the list goes on but there is nothing like a Cavalier to melt your heart with their unconditional love and eagerness to please their “Owners” (I do believe that they own us and I would not have it any other way)