Seasonal Tips For Winter

Cavalier in Snow

Some things to look out for in the winter season:

  • Be careful of spilt Antifreeze. It tastes sweet to dogs but it is poison and can kill.
  • Some houseplants such as poinsettia should be kept out of reach as they are poisonous to dogs. Holly, misletoe and their berries are also toxic.
  • Dogs can become dangerously chilled if left too long in unheated cars.
  • Keeping up your dogs exercise routine is important for health and maintaining weight. If possible, reduce portions when bad weather prevents exercise.
  • Traffic accidents as a cause of death for dogs increase in winter months. If you are walking in low light consider a flourescent jacket or collar, and a flashing light that attaches to your dog’s collar.
  • Salt used for gritting can make your Cavalier’s paws sore, so they may need a wash after walking on icy pavements.
  • Be careful when there is ice on ponds, it may not be thick enough to support the weight of your dog in certain places.

A Heart-warming Winter Story

I had only just started going out with Frank my then-to-be-husband (did not know it at the time!). We were going for a walk late February with my two dogs Cassie and Jade around the lodges, when all of a sudden Jade spotted a duck on the frozen lodge and just jumped on the ice and ran across to greet the duck. Yes, you guessed it, the ice broke and Jade disappeared under. Frank started stripping his clothes off as the ice started to crack on the surface and up popped Jade who then managed to climb up onto solid ice, don’t ask me how. She then ran across the ice back towards us. Frank scooped her up in his arms and wrapped her in his clothes and all was well. I knew then Frank was the man for me, walking back to our house with him wearing nothing but his underpants was all it took for my heart to melt!”