Seasonal Tips For Spring

Blenheim Cavalier Spring

Fleas and Ticks

Preventative treatment are sometimes relaxed during the winter. You should re-start your regime in early spring to keep your Cavalier’s coat and home pest free.

Lawn Fertilizers

Lawn Fertilisers are very toxic to all dogs. Follow manufacturer instructions to establish how long you should wait before allowing your pet into the area.

Spring Bulbs

Tulips, daffodils and garden hyacinths are toxic to Cavaliers. Although all parts of the plant are toxic, it is the bulbs that actually contain the most toxins.

Pesticides and Herbicides/Slug Pellets

It’s probably not surprising that these chemicals can be toxic to your Cavalier, but, even when they’re not lethal, there are some long-term health concerns.

Cocoa Bark Mulch

It’s becoming common to mulch a garden with the fragrant spent shells of cocoa beans. But just like chocolate, dogs like to eat them and they are toxic.

Baby Birds

Pet dogs are a hazard to baby birds in the spring and summer. All it takes is one swift bite and the baby bird is gone. Don’t let your dog run loose during nesting time.