Pet of the Month


Pet Of the Month is a Special Cavalier



Jade Todd

Jade Todd

Jade first came into my life in January 2011 when I visited The Dogs Trust in Ballymena. She had been handed over by her previous owners just before  Christmas as they no longer wanted her. She had just been spayed, as wearing a ‘cone’ and her big brown eyes said “please love me and take me  home”! After the usual home checks she came home with me early in February  and I slowly fell in love with Jade & Cavaliers as a breed of which I knew nothing before I got her.

Unfortunately Jade had slept in the shed & I think she’d spent lots of  time outside so we had a few toileting issues initially but luckily they  were soon resolved. Jade soon became my shadow and we enjoyed lots of  games & walks in the park as she slowly began to trust me. Then after  joining the companion club that summer we met lots of other Cavalier  owners in Northern Ireland and virtually met lots more via the Facebook

In March of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have over the past couple of months undergone surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy.  During this time Jade has been my constant companion. I have been
supported by wonderful family & friends but only Jade has been with me every day. She seems to know when to just snuggle in for the afternoon & when to demand a walk or to play with ‘monkey’. She has provided me with a
focus apart from my health and has become the reason for me to get out of bed on bad days.

I truly believe that having Jade has helped me cope with my treatment and I am thrilled for her to be pet of the month.