Flossie’s Story

Flossie Wearing Her Doggles

Flossie wearing Doggles to protect her eyes from the Sun.

Flossie was born in September 2004. She had three siblings. I noticed she looked ‘different’ from the others when she was born. Only slightly different, and at first she seemed to thrive.

After a few days it became apparent that all was not well. By this time I had sought advice from everyone I could and the consensus was she had Dry Eye/Curly Coat Syndrome.

 I was told that Dr Barnett at the Animal Health Trust was doing research on the condition. I immediately took her up there and Dr Barnett saw her straight away and confirmed my fears. It was recommended that she was immediately put to sleep, there & then.

 Of course I loved her by then! I decided to bring her home and give her as good a quality of life as possible.

We had various Crises – involving expensive emergency vets. She had pneumonia caused by frantically trying to feed. I realised she (for some reason) had trouble with feeding so I decided the only way was feeding her a mixture of Whelpi and pureed chicken breast. She would lap this up from a very young age.   

 When she tried to open her eyes they were obviously sore and pus filled. Luckily I knew how important it was to keep them lubricated, which I did many times a day.

 Flossie also has very ‘strange’ skin. – so she has to have various lubricants in her bath. She takes antibiotics and has Maxitrol eye drops four times a day. Her nails are also a problem. They are prone to falling out leaving her poor little feet very sore.

 All these things sound horrendous but they happen at intermittent times.

 Flossie is now seven and a half years old and she is dearly loved by us and everyone who meets her. She has really struggled to survive & has turned out a lovely, funny, playful little girl.

 Would I do it again? NO, not knowing what I know now (it’s also cost me a fortune) Her whole routine rules my life. I have to plan my life round her and always feel guilty about leaving her for more than a couple of hours.