Any Member who has paid their current subscription and is planning a low cost MRI or who has an existing MRI that is suitable for submission to the BVA/KC CMSM Scheme can apply for a £100 voucher which will be redeemed when that member supplies us with a copy of the official lilac result certificate. The voucher is available for a named cavalier only and will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

(NB Existing scans that are found to fall outside the criteria set by the Scheme are returned and the submission fee refunded by the BVA, so there should not be any financial loss to the member if a historic scan is found to be unsuitable for grading.)

Priority will be given to members who are scanning their cavalier prior to breeding from them in accordance with the Cavalier Club Breeding Protocol (ie not before the age of two and a half years).

We cannot reimburse anyone who has had their cavalier graded through the BVA/KC Scheme prior to the official start date of the Club’s Scheme. Free Rupert’s Fund scans will be eligible if not already submitted for official grading through RF.

Applicants for vouchers should submit their name and the name and age of their dog to the Companion Cavalier Club Health Representative (currently Margaret Carter) and their request will be considered as soon as possible by the Committee, whose decision will be final.