I Will Love & Cherish My Cavalier

For all boy & girl Cavalier owners!

Love & Cherish Certificate ContractMake a commitment to your Cavalier with this free printable contract certificate ➡

All you have to do is type in your name, and your Cavalier’s name in the two boxes below and click the print button.

Don’t forget to sign it! 😀

The contract certificate will ask you to promise these things to your dog:

  • To give food and clean water to your Cavalier every day
  • To make sure your Cavalier is never left in a car or outside a shop
  • To make sure your Cavalier sees a vet for checkups
  • To provide a collar and ID tag for your Cavalier
  • To keep your Cavalier safe from roads by keeping him/her on the lead
  • To keep your Cavalier Safe by making sure the garden gate is closed
  • To make sure your Cavalier has training so he comes back when called
  • To keep your Cavalier clean and brushed
  • To spend time everyday with your Cavalier playing, or going for a walk
  • To always protect your Cavalier from people or things that might hurt him
  • To clean up any poop into poop bags when out walking
  • To make sure your Cavalier has plenty of rest at least 16 hours
  • To stay calm and relaxed around your Cavalier

Be sure to keep to the promises above and make your Cavalier happy & healthy for years and years! 😀

Let’s get started!

1 – To print out a contract certificate, type in your name here:

2 – Type your Cavalier’s name:

3 – Click here & print your contract certificate 🙂